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Bruges Station Counterproject
Counterproposal for a hypothetical new train station for the city of Bruges, elaborated together with the Round Table of Architecture.
The drawing has been thought and draughted in a handful of hours (about 25 hours in total), therefore only the bare minimum required to convey the idea is displayed.
For such a large building, there was no time available to detail the design with small scale drawings, aquarel colors or even ink the lines.
The proposal follows the Belgian traditional architecture C.XIX eclectic style, with technological updates such as elevators and underground ramps. It is a provocation to openly polemicize against the current station, which took place of the original one (as depicted in the pictures below). A part of the provocation consisted in adjoining an art-nouveau-inspired office tower to the complex, to show the versatility of traditional styles.
Original station
Current Station
Proposed station
Please, enjoy more pictures of the proposal:
...and this is me, presenting the panel:
Posted: 03/09/2023 10:17 — Author(s): Riccardo Buratti