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Lesson by Blacksmith Dujardyn
Another workshop for the Round Table for Architecture!
This time we visited the Foundry Dujardyn a remarkable reality in the Belgian art-and-crafts panorama, an enduring family company that I hope will keep living for the generations to come.
Here, the Dujardyn brothers gave us a practical lesson on forging soft iron, the most qualitative and expensive product in iron forgery. Contrary to hard iron, soft iron can last for centuries or even millennia and can be re-forged and repaired ad-libitum.
We studied the forging techniques, the tools, the designs and the way of joining the various pieces together.
Below you can see some excerpts of this wonderful experience wich enriched our knowledge and gave us a lot of insight for our traditional designs!
Posted: 12/10/2023 19:52 — Author(s): Riccardo Buratti