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INTBAU Summer Schools Review
INTBAU Summer Schools Review
An article edited by Antonio Quiroz, INTBAU's communication manager, collects and describes the experiences of the various Summer Schools of Architecture of the year 2023.
The Summer School of Architecture and Craftmanship of Bruges —in which I contributed as tutor and participated as student in the various practical workshops– made it into the annals of INTBAU.  INTBAU is a global network and incubator of projects for the teaching and spreading of traditional architecture and craftmanship.

Year after year our movement becomes stronger, our initiatives gain momentum, the public and the participants increase in number, and our detractors feel the competition due to the return on the scene of traditional architecture and craftmanship.
In the following article you will discover (if you don't know it already!) the amazing world of our Summer Schools and the loyal network of friendship and collaboration that animates our movement, especially the brotherhood with the Summer School of Utrecht (The Netherlands).
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Riccardo Buratti
Posted: 14/09/2023 13:48 — Author(s): Riccardo Buratti